“Samantha Richardson has been involved with Go Jump Magazine for the past six months. We have found Sam to be very dedicated and professional, we are very pleased with the quality of her photography and articles. We would recommend Sam to anybody looking for a reliable, quality photographer in the Equestrian industry.”

    Paula and the Team at Go Jump Magazine.

“ When I needed a great photo of Tom McDermott for Equestrian Life magazine, Sam had the perfect shot. She also has taken lots of  lovely photos of our showjumpers over the years and contributed wonderful photos to our website “

Debbie Higgs

“Sam always has a selection of wonderful photos of our team of horses from all the shows we attend. As she is a show jumper herself she has a fantastic feel for the exact moment to take the perfect photo and is in attendance at most of the shows. We greatly appreciate being able to regularly purchase fantastic photos which we can send to our owners and sponsors with their reports, use for advertising and put up on our website.”

Paul and Michelle Brent

Cavalli Park

” With your knowledge of Show Jumping and your ability with a camera your shots are clear and taken at the right moment, which makes all of your pictures fantastically precise.

I love your work, keep it up Sam and thank you for all my beautiful pictures” 

Bernie and Russell Hearn